Month: September 2008

Bringing in the sheaves — and a visit to the old nick

The Victoria Road prison opened in 1891 – last week it closed and the guided tours offered to curious Manxies sold out in minutes. Apparently the weirdest thing is that the gates are all now open! And yes, there’s even

Gifts for people over there

I often have to send a gift to a friend or family member in the UK or the IOM. As a rule I don’t bother going down to the Post Office as they tend to lose my packages or take

Ramsey Daily Photo

I can’t copy the photos from this site as they are protected but they are very, very good. On Friday she had a great shot of Ramsey bridge at sunset. Today she’s taking about black cats so I’ll show you

Vote for this guy

Doodle of ManIn my community we have a lot of places to visit, like the world famous Lady Isabella, the largest working waterwheel in Europe, Peel Castle, the TT races and of course beautiful countryside and glens. Name: Nathan SpellmanAge:

Mark Atherton and Gary Shilling have created a Manx site using the same software as Wikipedia, and people are being encouraged to make contributions. They want as many people as possible to add their personal experiences of the Island to

Made in the Isle of Man

THE WORLD’S largest grasshopper escapement played its tricks on the audience as the new Corpus Clock was unveiled by Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University on Friday. This fabulous creation was designed by Island resident, inventor, horologist and one time

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

TT riders head to Japan as ambassadors for the Isle of Man TT Races – John McGuinness, ‘Milky’ Quayle, and Ian Lougher to visit Miyakejima Island. Miyakejima Island is looking into creating its own equivalent of the Isle of Man

1 in 30 million

There’s something for everyone on this blog! How about this freak lobster? It’s been called Blue and has been saved from the chef’s cauldron because of its extreme rarity. Here’s Bev Cregeen from Port St. Mary in the UK’s Daily

Welcome to Moscow…

Remember KIRSTY PENDLEBURY? She’s the Manx girl attending the University of Idaho on a special Manx scholarship? Well the third part of her blog is now on the iomtoday website. And she’s finding America to be a very interesting place

Basking sharks are not divided by the Atlantic

This really interesting article in the papers brings us up to date with the work being carried out in the waters off the Isle of Man. New tagging work has shown that the basking sharks around Britain do in fact