Month: October 2008


Do you know what a mhelliah (mell-yah) is? It’s a celebration of the harvest and usually it’s nowadays tied in with a fund-raiser. Here they’re auctioning off the homegrown foods for local charities. I love a mhelliah – usually the

Wildlife Tours with an expert

I got an email from Steve at Isle of Man Wildlife Tours. They look great. The pictures are some of the critters you can see on his tours. There’s a tern, a chough, a hen harrier and a dolphin –

CIA World Factbook

The CIA World Factbook says there is .95 of a man to every 1 woman on the IOM. Well, that explains a lot. I see we’re only reproducing at 1.65 births and they say our export commodities include: tweeds, herring,

Erieversible This personal site describes how to move from the Isle of Man to Erie, PA from the point of view of a family planning just that. Today, they are looking at the difference in weather.

Prince Andrew visits IOM

Prince Andrew, the UK’s special representative for international trade and investment, visited Swagelok in Tromode and opened Manhattan Aviation’s new training center at the Freeport, Ballasalla. That’s him on the right. The Isle of Man operation of Swagelok Company is

Wild Target

Actor Bill Nighy, a regular visitor to the island and a great supporter of Isle of Man Film, is joining Martin Freeman, Rupert Grint, (Ron Weasley from Harry Potter) Rupert Everett, and Emily Blunt as filming begins for a new

Pride in Mann

It’s all rather heart-warming. The Pride in Mann awards, there are 11, paint a picture of a small community sticking together, looking out for each other and uniting in their pride in the island and its residents. Overall, Mark Cavendish,

Random things of interest

Have you ever played conkers? There’s a nice story about the social life of people from Foxdale here. And you’d think that these people at the Belfast Star would know the IOM’s not in the UK, but maybe they were

Treasury Minister Meets Financial Leaders in Washington – Announces Plan to Help Developing Small States

WASHINGTON DC, October 13, 2008 – Treasury Minister, Allan Bell, in Washington to attend the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings, held informal meetings over the weekend with the leaders of the international financial institutions and with ministers and officials of both

Any good at animation? Get a job in the Isle of Man. Nine jobs are to be created at a new animation studio being set up by Magic Light Pictures in association with CinemaNX and Isle of Man Film. The