Month: January 2009

And gorse runs riot in Glen Chass—thank God!

I’m going home, yes, back to the Island via Suffolk. I’ll be back at my computer sometime on the 8th. I’m not taking my laptop — this is not a working trip — but I’ll try and post from my

Vintage transport museum loses backer

Still on a transport theme comes news that the Department of Tourism and Leisure has pulled out of plans for a vintage transport museum. I can understand why — tourism is becoming a largely vestigal activity for the Manx economy

The Ducati is back…

This story is just an excuse for a trip down memory lane. I remember the 1978 TT race that saw Mike Hailwood come back to win after 11 years out of bike racing. There was a truly exciting battle for

Balibo – a new movie with a Manx connection

This is an interesting story about a new Australian film. It features an Ozzie journalist called Roger East who became a newspaper man after leaving the navy. Having trained on local newspapers in Australia, he traveled the world, eventually arriving

Guan Xing – apparently a good photographer

To celebrate Chinese New Year, which takes place on Monday 26th January, the Arts Council is exhibiting photographs by Guan Xing at the Villa Marina. Mr Guan Xing started taking photographs in 1994. He particularly enjoys photographing everyday city scenes

Great news for travelers through Dublin

Headed for the IoM via Dublin? Aer Aran has signed a code sharing agreement with the Abu Dhabi airline, Eithad. This means that baggage can now pass through the international system from airport to airport without having to be claimed

No cigs!

Living on an island has all sorts of supply problems associated with it — just think, everything but locally grown produce has to be imported. And even if you hate them, cigarettes are a staple for some folk. In a

King Olaf — a dwarf?

Sounds more like Lord of Rings than the Lord of Man but in a new book by Charlie Connolly, he introduces the reader to Olaf the Dwarf, king of the Isle of Man (c1150), who is known for his “pious

Manx Links with Washington on Inauguration Day

Six influential Manx-Americans are depicted in this issue of 2006 Manx stamps (I have a couple of sets if anyone is really interested) – some were household names – yet few people know that their roots lie in our tiny

And you think our weather is bad

The island is being lashed by 84 knot winds (85mph), there are trees down all over and there’s even flooding. Everyone is wet, freezing and miserable — well, except for these hardy souls (eejits) windsurfing in Carrick Bay.