Month: June 2009

Thanks Illiam!

Wow! What a brilliant job. And you uploaded YouTube videos which I’ve not yet mastered. Thank you so much for looking after the blog while I was phone- and computer-free in the Dominican Republic. I hope you readers all had

Manx Names, Viking Roots

Model of a Viking longship, Manx Museum. Last Friday I wrote a bit about the Gaelic roots of many Manx names, such as Leece (a shortened form of Mac Guilley Yeesey) and Looney (Mac Guilley Dhoonee). One could also point

Vel oo mie? Are you well?

In Manx, House (of) the School. In our last Manx mini-lesson (June 18), we looked at ways to ask “How are you?” Two of the most common are: Kanys ta shiu? The way to say “how are you?” politely or

187 Finish 85-Mile Parish Walk

Jock Waddington hoists his trophy. Jock Waddington led a record 187 finishers to win the 2009 Parish Walk, an 85-mile, 24-hour foot race around the Isle of Man. More than 1,600 walkers participated in the race, which began yesterday morning

2009 Parish Walk Under Foot!

Once the roads were clear of motorcycles, another kind of race began on the Isle of Man — a 24-hour, 85-mile race-walk through all 17 parishes of the island. More than 1,600 walkers began the 2009 Parish Walk, sponsored by

Nineteen hundred and eleven was a banner year on the Isle of Man. Douglas celebrated its jubilee as a municipality, the first plane took off from Manx shores and the first “Tourist Trophy” motorcycle race roared across Snaefell Mountain. Now

The Gaelic Roots of Manx Names

On the Isle of Man, even a short name can have a long story behind it. Take, for example, the name Leece. It may come as a surprise to learn that the name is a shortened form of a Gaelic

Kanys ta shiu? How are you?

“Without a tongue, without a country” Yesterday I promised some more basic Manx phrases and vocabulary. As we’ve already covered basic greetings — Laa mie or Good dayMoghrey mie or Good morningFastyr mie or Good afternoon or evening — I

Startey Noa – A New Start for Manx

Musicians at the Cooish, an annual celebration of the Manx language.(Photo courtesy Ynsee Gaelg.) Laa mie erriu. The other day I introduced a few basic greetings in Manx. Before going further, I’d like to step back and offer some background

This Tynwald Day, Give Thanks to the Manx

Expatriate Manx and friends of the Isle of Man have a unique opportunity to show their appreciation for Ellan Vannin this Tynwald Day, thanks to Greenlight Television. The Manx-based company, best known for its motorsport programs, will be filming Tynwald