Month: July 2009

US/Manx partnership

ECONOMY BOOST: Managing director Roy Charsley and hatchery manager Richard Long next to the trout tanks at the new facility in Glen Wyllin, Kirk Michael. An international company with a new division in the Isle of Man is set to

Isle of Man theme park idea raised in Tynwald

A THEME park should be built to halt the decline in Manx tourism. That’s the dream of George Waft MLC who suggested in Tynwald that a Thomas the Tank Engine theme park would provide an attraction for young children and

Freedom to Flourish

Surfing — Isle of Man

T M Sheard – TT hereo

T M Sheard – the Modest Manxman concentrates on Tom’s racing career, including personally collated reports from newspapers of the time. It also chronicles Tom’s personal life and shares family memorabilia. The book is self-published (which means that it has

Oldest house on the Isle of Man?

An incredible 3,000 years older than Stonehenge, it dates back to the time when the first human settlers returned to the Isle of Man after the end of the Ice Age. It’s part of the Ronaldsway find. Describing the significance

You can always depend on the French…

Officals rob Cav of green jersey hopes UNLUCKY 13: Cavendish may have lost any chance of winning back the green jersey after today’s controversy. A DECISION by Tour de France officials to relegate Mark Cavendish on today’s 14th stage could

Yn Chruinnaght

Ta’n Chruinnaght ny feailley jeh cultoor Vannin as y vooinjerys eddyr Ellan Vannin as ny queig cheeraghyn Celtiagh elley (Nalbin, Nerin, Y Vretin, Y Chorn as Y Vritaan). T’ee goaill stiagh kuse dy haghyrtyn lesh kiaull, daunse, y chengey, ellynyn

DC Manx — Check this out

The National Air and Space Museum will premiere Alan Bean: Painting Apollo, First Artist On Another World at the Museum on the National Mall July 16, 2009 through January 13, 2010 in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary of the first

Talented harp player Rachel Hair is one of the visiting performers at this year's 31st Yn Chruinnaght inter-Celtic Festival.