Year: 2010

OBE for Alex Downie

Regular readers of this blog will know how fond I am of Alex Downie and how much I admire the zeal with which he pursues the best interests of the island wherever he is, whomever he talks to. I especially

St. Stephen's Day in the Isle of Man – Cammag and Hunt the Wren

Gura mie ayd, Val.


IN the days of our grandmothers, Old Christmas Day, the fifth of January, was believed to be the true Christmas. On Black Thomas’s Eve, which was the first day of the Christmas holidays, the spinning wheels all had to be

Earthquake felt on IOM

A small earthquake has hit Cumbria and surrounding counties. People described hearing and feeling the earth moving for “well over a minute” just after 2300 GMT on Tuesday.The earthquake, which had a magnitude of 3.6, was felt in locations across

Lantern workshops at Scoill Phurt le Moirrey

It’s been a long time since my children took part in one of these workshops and parades but it was a very beautiful sight. THIS weekend there are free workshops to make willow lanterns for a parade through Port St

'A Star Shone.'

New Christmas Song from isleofman on Vimeo. Your readers may like to watch two videos of Manx children singing one of my Christmas songs, ‘A Star Shone.’ Also, ‘A Star Shone’ is available for download for a small fee on


A rare sighting of between 100 and 150 bottlenose dolphins have been seen today in the waters off the south coast of the Isle of Man.The dolphins were first reported by John Galpin of Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch at

Idiots at the Daily Telegraph say Manx is extinct

Is responsible journalism dead? Does anyone check anything any more? Isn’t inaccuracy supposed to be the bloggers’ domain? Honestly: Check out this nonsense from the Daily Telegraph. Hat tip: Marion

Are the last two days’ headlines linked???

Detox unit not neededA REVIEW had concluded there are no clinical grounds for opening the £1.06 million drug rehabilitation unit for in-patients as originally planned.In the House of Keys, Social Care Minister Martyn Quayle MHK defended the decision not to

Weirdest headline: Heroin drought may cause death

Heroin POLICE fear a heroin shortage in the UK could ultimately lead to deaths in the Isle of Man.One of the most severe ‘droughts’ of heroin for five years had been reported in areas across the UK, with users being