Month: April 2010

Update on UK plane situation

Typical Manx story – nothing happens

The BBC are trying so hard to justify the licence fee that they are reduced to running non-stories like this one, which I admit I love as they are very Manx. “Ooh yessir, did you hear about that bomb they

British government said no to women’s vote on Isle of Man

Following on from Valerie’s post below: In 1881 Tynwald approved the Election Bill and delivered the first instalment of women’s right to vote in parliamentary elections within the British Isles. This step also made the Isle of Man the first

Sophia Jane Goulden – Centenary

April 22nd marks the centenary of the death of Sophia Jane Goulden, the Manx-born mother and early influence of the famous English political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement Emmeline Goulden Pankhurst. Sophia was a passionate feminist and

Services slowly getting back to normal

AIRSPACE above the Isle of Man will reopen at 1pm today (Monday). is the only operator of scheduled flights who wishes to operate today, although non-scheduled operators – for example, general aviation, air taxi operators – can also fly,

Looks like we got another American fan!

Nathan Blevins writes:Freedom isn’t some fanciful creature of the imagination, like Bigfoot. It actually exists, and I’ve seen it. For in the year of our Lord, 2006, I had the marvellous privilege of fulfilling a lifelong personal dream: the dream

Yes, but what does this actually mean?

Moves to include Island inside UK e-borderTHE Isle of Man Government is proposing a series of measures to enable the Island to be included inside the United Kingdom’s e-border, its new electronic border security system.The move would mean that air

Manx Film opens summit

A FILM featuring a video link between a NASA mission and Manx high school pupils opened an international telecommunications summit in Florida. Out of this World – The first Manx Astronaut features astronaut Nicole Stott, married to Manxman Chris Stott,

Braddan Bridge House opening planned

A GRAND opening is planned for disabled holiday accommodation at Braddan Bridge which organisers hope will be nearing completion by TT fortnight. The official opening of Braddan Bridge House by the Jubilee Oak is set for Mad Sunday afternoon on

Manxman to be scrapped

A passenger ferry which carried passengers to and from the Isle of Man for nearly 30 years is to be scrapped after campaigns to save it came to nothing. The Manxman, built by the Cammell Laird ship builders in Birkenhead