Month: July 2010

Presenters (left to right) Philippe Cousteau, Lucy Blue, Tooni Mahto, Paul Rose make up the Oceans dive team. A TV series which sets out to ‘reveal the hidden stories of the deep’ has been filming around the Manx coast. A

UK MP defends Isle of Man

CONSERVATIVE MP Mark Field aimed to set the record straight on offshore finance centres, including the Isle of Man, in Westminster yesterday. The MP for the Cities of London and Westminister believes the debate over the role of small international

Yn Chruinnaght 2010

On the Isle of Man this month there’s a chance to hear rock anthems, medieval Welsh lyrics, a little jazz, the romantic poetry of Robbie Burns and the rich sound of the Breton clarinet in a feast of sizzling music,

Churches of Mann

The recently released ‘Churches of Mann’ is a beautifully illustrated book detailing an often forgotten area of Manx history, taking the reader on a lavish journey through the doors of some of the Island’s numerous churches and chapels, and viewing

Great idea!

The IOM Post Office is offering a great service. They’re scanning documents for clients who want to go paperless. While historians may groan, businesspeople will rejoice. But as the person staring at the boxes of NAMA Bulletins that require scanning

Viking longboat races in Peel

VIKING longboat races are being held in Peel this Saturday (July 17). There are 840 rowers split into 84 teams taking part. They must row from the harbour mouth to a bouy in the bay and back as fast as

Deemster Michael Kerruish ~ Rest in Peace

DEEMSTER Kerruish has died, Government House announced this morning.   Lieutenant Governor Sir Paul Haddacks said: ‘I am greatly saddened by the death of His Honour Deemster Kerruish. ‘I very much valued his wise counsel and his friendship. His Honour

MHK calls for lower drink age limit in Isle of Man

Here’s an interesting story. Apparently, the island is very boring for young people. So, a Manx politician wants 16-year-olds to be served in the island’s pubs because there is “not enough for them to do.” MHK Bill Malarkey said he


I got an email from Chris Callow who has a blog on IOMToday. Here’s a bit from his most recent one. He does ski, cycling and now cooking holidays in the Alps. Brad – this sounds like your cup of

How to succeed in business — The Manx way

From the BBCMinisters and finance officials from some of the world’s smallest countries are visiting the Isle of Man to learn how to boost their economies. They are attending a nine-day course developed by the Manx government, World Bank and