Month: February 2011

I went to school with these guys and would love to get in touch.

Peter and John Collister from Clowne, Chesterfield (or Castletown, Isle of Man as kids) were identical twins, who married Pat and Pauline Welsh, also identical twins, in a double wedding. They have 5 children who all look like brothers and

Just in from NASA

Catch First Spacewalk of STS-133 TodayWatch STS-133 Mission Specialists Alvin Drew and Steve Bowen perform the mission’s first spacewalk. The spacewalk is scheduled to begin at 10:18 a.m. but will likely begin early, as the crew is 45 minutes ahead

Back Door Slam wake up astronauts this morning

INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION — Oh, what a beautiful day for a walk in space. NASA said mission specialists Steve Bowen and Alvin Drew are running about 45 minutes ahead of schedule Monday morning, and could get an early start to


The anchor from the Mona’s Queen, one of three Isle of Man Steam Packet Company ships lost at Dunkirk in May 1940, is on its way home.The anchor was raised last year after an initiative involving the late Captain Andrew

We made the Manx paper

Amazing story from the Flying Fortress saga

Another great piece of detective work from Ivor Ramsden and the WWII Aviation and Military Museum:Following the publication of the article on the flag presentation, yesterday I was looking through our photos relating to the B-17 crash on North Barrule.

Meet the new head of Manx National Heritage

Edmund Southworth is the new broom at Manx National Heritage and he kindly spent time with me when I was visiting recently to discuss possible activities for the 2014 NAMA Homecoming Convention. This photo is taken in front of the

Friends of Manx National Heritage visit the New iMuseum

With the iMuseum closer to opening its doors to the public members of the Friends of Manx National Heritage gathered at the new facility to find out more about what is happening behind the scenes. Housed in the former Government

NAMA presents US flag to Manx Aviation and Military Museum

Laurence Skelly (Past President), Kelly McCarthy (2nd Vice President) with Mike Corlett and Ivor Ramsden of the Museum.  New American flag for North Barrule memorial On February 7th, the North American Manx Association (NAMA) presented a special U.S. flag to

Graffiti is different in Port St. Mary