Month: September 2011

NAMA Past President Skelly voted into Tynwald!!!


16-year-old voters have their say in Manx general election – a nudge for reformers in the UK

Bright lights, cheerful place, and plenty of young voters to help keep it that way. Douglas, capital of the Isle of Man. Photograph: Don McPhee/Guardian I hope you agree that the Isle of Man is in the north of the

Carhonnag — Bed and Breakfast in the Isle of Man

 I got an email from Nicky Patterson at Carhonnag B&B. It’s Manx and means a field cleared of gorse and bracken. There is nothing wild about the comfortable elegance of Carhonnag today. Set in around three acres of beautiful gardens, orchard

Cooish 2011 — AND I"LL BE THERE!!!!

During the first week of October the annual celebration ‘Cooish’ will give everyone the opportunity to find out what is happening in the world of Manx Gaelic, and includes a visit by the editor of the UNESCO Atlas of World

Manx Radio and the BBC working on Manx language programs

Manx Radio and the BBC are working together to produce two new one-hour Manx Gaelic programmes that will be broadcast from 17.05 to 18.00 on Mondays and Fridays, starting Oct. 3. On Monday afternoons, Bob Carswell presents Traa dy Liooar

Baby seals on Calf of Man

I don’t know how the fish or fishermen will feel about a new crop of hungry seals but the Manx Wildlife Trust is very happy about them. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Confessions of a Faded Politician

With election fever spreading across the Island, former MHK for Peel (1978 – 1986) Dr David Moore shared his views on Manx politics, both historically and contemporary. Initially concentrating on recent financial growth he reflected on the poor state of

iMuseum packing a mighty punch for Manx historians everywhere.

Christian Family c 1895, (C) Manx National Heritage Photographer unknown With People Surnames from A – P now on iMuseum, this month’s newsletter is dedicated to family history, including a look back at some of the family research themed activities held at

Cav crowned World Champion!

THE Isle of Man’s Mark Cavendish has won the Men’s World Championship Road Race in Copenhagen, Denmark to be crowned world champion on Sunday afternoon. The Manxman, tipped by many to be among the main contenders for the title in

Isle of Man political system 'more democratic'

BBC Continue reading the main story The Isle of Man’s political system is more democratic than others because it is not dominated by party politics, according to the Chief Minister. In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Tony