Month: February 2012

Casino & Spa bids

According to the BBC, the Isle of Man government is considering seven bids to build a high-end casino and spa resort on the island. In the House of Keys on 28 February it was confirmed the government is now in

Allan Bell aspires to ensure the island becomes an enterprise zone committed to promoting innovation and entrepreneurialism

After four months in the post, Chief Minister Allan Bell believes he is past the “pulling the duvet over my head” phase in what are difficult times and claims he is leading the island forward. The Isle of Man budget

Dhoon Church Hall Centenary Celebrations

I have fond memories of the Dhoon as a campsite for Girl Guides in the 1960s and 70s. We were ambitious enough to bring over Scouts from Sweden who were very surprised to find the near vertical campground. It was

Chico and Rita Oscar hopes

Isle of Man Film will be represented at the Oscar ceremony this weekend after receiving a nomination in the Best Animation category. Chico and Rita is the 91st project for Isle of Man Film but the first to receive an

Isle of Man Stamps – William Hoggatt

Hoggart was a friend of my grandparents and I have a hand painted Christmas card from him to them.  Although William Hoggatt was born and educated in Lancaster he was to spend fifty four years living and painting on the

Manx Girl Revving Up for Manx Grand Prix

Despite motorcycle racing still being a male dominated sport, Manx girl Ali Foster is one of a growing number of women proving that they can cut the mustard when it comes to racing on the many tracks and circuits around

Manx 'pirates' dock in Argentina

Published online at 15/02/2012 17:15:38 A Manx-flagged vessel has defied a boycott by unions in Argentina and docked in the South American country. On Monday, the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers announced its workers wouldn’t service British vessels, or ships

The Tynwald Club – The Manx gather as German POWs

From: The Queensland Manx Society’s Feb 2012 newsletter.  This is an astonishing story that comes to us from the grim reaches of World War II. Thanks to the Queensland Manx for sharing it with us through their newsletter. THE TYNWALD

Valentine's Day in Manx

Bannaghtyn Make sure you make it a Gaelic Valentine’s Day this year with some of our romantic phrases below! You can hear all these on our website at: We hope to start a new class for beginners shortly in

Isle of Man Family History Society

Genealogy can be a time consuming process, littered with frustrations, surprises and fascination, but help is at hand for those budding genealogists who require help in pinning down their elusive ancestors. The Isle of Man Family History Society was formed