Month: January 2013

Arraneyn – Manx Gaelic Traditional Song

Originally recorded on vinyl in Peel during 1973, this collection of unaccompanied Manx ballads under the title of ‘Arraneyn Beeal-arrish Vannin’ has now been re-issued on CD by the Manx Heritage Foundation. Recordings of Manx traditional music are in short

Students complain about paying fees for college

Incredible to Americans, the Isle of Man still pays for its students to attend university (college). More amazing yet to us is that students are arguing that $4000, just less than half of what a UK college charges for a

Eco-move saves Isle of Man school 'thousands of pounds'

Queen Elizabeth II High School in Peel installed a bio-mass wood pellet boiler to replace an oil fired system. It is thought the new appliance will need about five tonnes of fuel every week, all of which will be sourced

Celebrating 20 Years at the Centre for Manx Studies

Although part of the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures at the University of Liverpool, the Centre for Manx Studies is very much an Island-based enterprise with a strong work ethic, providing both a long term educational and research provision

A Brief History of the Isle of Man

Given the job of producing a brief history of the Isle of Man would be a daunting task for any writer, who then has the unenviable task of deciding what to retain, and more importantly what to leave out. But

Isle of Man Stamps – The Chronicles of Man & The Lewis Chessmen

In conjunction with an exhibition at the Manx Museum in Douglas, Isle of Man Stamps has issued a set of six stamps depicting each of the celebrated Lewis Chessmen currently on show alongside the Chronicles of the Kings of Man

Freezing conditions, further snow and gale force winds will lead to dangerous overnight conditions across the island, says the Met Office. Forecaster Andy Roberts said snow was expected into Saturday with gale force winds expected for 24-hours. Mr Roberts said:

Reih Bleeaney Vanannan Awarded to Bob Carswell

This annual award was presented this year to Bob Carswell for his outstanding and selfless contribution to Manx culture. Awarded by the Chairman of the Manx Heritage Foundation, the Hon. Phil Gawne MHK, he outlined Bob’s passionate interest in Manx

The Chronicles of Man

This is lifted from here  You should check out this site often as it is the combined site for all three major Manx papers. The Chronicles are the earliest Manx document to describe the history of the Isle of

Local Song Chosen to Represent the Island at Pan Celtic Festival

  The annual Arrane son Mannin competition held at the Masonic Hall in Peel attracted two entries this year in a bid to win £300 and represent the Isle of Man at the Pan Celtic Festival to be held in