Month: September 2013

Port Soderick looking beautiful.

Solace Breaks New Ground in Manx Gaelic Films

A ground-breaking new film, spoken entirely in Manx Gaelic, will be premiered at the Broadway Cinema in Douglas as part of the MannIN Shorts series before being shown at various Island locations, Celtic festivals and film festivals around the world.

Australian Linguistics Professor to Give Annual Ned Maddrell Lecture

Although the last twenty years have seen a tremendous growth in interest and support for the Manx language, its importance internationally is often overlooked, but this year’s speaker at the annual Ned Maddrell Lecture hopes that our success can be

Cregneash Dry Stone Walling by Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award Volunteers

Before… Participants of Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award from the Halton area of Cheshire have been working alongside Manx National Heritage on a significant project at Cregneash. A programme of work was designed to provide mutual benefits to the participants

‘Wildlife – An Artist’s View’ by Jeremy Paul

Highly regarded on the Isle of Man for his portrayals of local wildlife, internationally acclaimed artist Dr Jeremy Paul will talk to his admirers and sign copies of his book ‘Wildlife – An Artist’s View’ on Saturday 14th September, 11am. Check out his website.

Fiddling in Norway Pays Dividends…………!

Erlend Apneseth Local musicians Ruth Keggin and Tom Callister travelled to Norway recently, with funding from the Manx Heritage Foundation, to exchange fiddle and vocal music, and to meet Hardanger fiddler Erlend Apneseth and singer Margit Myhr. Joining their fellow

Crowds Flock to the Royal Manx Agricultural Show

As crowds flocked to this year’s Royal Manx Agricultural Show at Knockaloe, the difficulties experienced by the farming community on the west of the Island, after one of the worst snow falls in living memory, earlier this year, hovered on