Month: November 2013

Kids Takeover Day – (Balla)Cottier Creatives open B-Historic exhibition

We are the Cottier Creatives, year 5 students from Ballacottier Primary School. On Friday 22 November we took over the Manx Museum, turning an empty gallery into a brand new exhibition for the public to celebrate national ‘Kids Museum Takeover

The Manx Workshop for the Disabled Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Launch of New Website

Celebrating thirty years of helping disabled people back into the workplace, the Manx Workshop for the Disabled is about to launch a new website, as they continue to expand their profile and develop greater awareness within the Island’s community. Founded

Message from Ynsee Gaelg and Adrian Cain

Check out the following Christmas Greetings in Manx but remember, Manx is for life and not just for Christmas!Nollick Ghennal = Happy ChristmasNollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa = Happy Christmas and a Good New YearBannaghtyn = Blessings/greetingsLesh yeearreeyn share = With best

Kids Takeover Day at the Manx Museum

Ballacottier students If you visit the Manx Museum on Friday 22nd November, you’re in for a big surprise! You’ll find children doing jobs and fulfilling all the roles that adults usually undertake at the Manx Museum – including creating an exhibition

I found this. It's really interesting

[pp 1502-1511 from Cubbon – Bibliography, Vol 2, 1939] THE MANX ABROAD.[Class L20.] The Mona’s Relief Society was founded in Cleveland in 1851 by Manx settlers and people of Manx descent in order to provide assistance for members of their community who might

Letter from Isle of Man Stamps and Coins

As regular readers are aware, we always feature the latest stamps from Isle of Man Stamps and Coins. Today, we received a message from them with the following news. The philatelic department of Isle of Man Post Office Isle of

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Dear NAMA I used to live in the Isle of Mann and was a teacher at Marown Primary School. It was during my 6 years on the island that I was inspired to write an historical novel about a young

Manx-Norwegian Musical Collaboration at the Erin Arts Centre

Erlend Apneseth Earlier this year Manx singer Ruth Keggin and local fiddle player Tom Callister travelled to picturesque Western Norway as part of a musical collaboration with Norwegian singer Margit Myhr and hardanger fiddle player Erlend Apneseth. But during November

Starry Skies at The Sound

  Stars over the Calf of Man by Glen Whorral Not much use to us in the US, but tickets are now on sale for ‘Dark Skies at The Sound’ on Saturday 16th November, an evening supper and opportunity to stargaze at one

Celebrate the Manx Language at the Cooish Festival

With the number of Manx language speakers increasing in many parts of the Isle of Man, extra opportunities to use the Island’s native tongue are always welcome as interest continues to grow. This year’s Cooish Festival, to be held early