Month: March 2015

Congratulations, Leslie!

Leslie Hanson became the new President of the Wold Manx Association at the AGM held on Saturday March 7th 2015, succeeding Peter Kelly who completed his five year term of office. The World Manx Association is the umbrella organisation for all the

An Introduction to Manx Music and its Celtic Style at the House of Manannan

Dr Chloe Woolley Dr Chloë Woolley, Culture Vannin’s Manx Music Development Officer, assisted by members of Bree, (the Manx traditional music and dance youth movement), recently held an afternoon lecture at the House of Manannan in Peel which focused on

Book Review: P50 – Peel Engineering’s Extraordinary Legacy

With renewed interest in the Manx micro-car known as the Peel P50, it’s an appropriate time to publish a book which explores the background of this remarkable vehicle and the unique story behind Peel Engineering. Brimming with an assortment of

It's Time to Get Out Those Baking Bowls for the Annual World Bonnag Competitions!

Got a few hours to spare and fancy trying something new and creative? Then it’s time to reach back into the hidden depths of your kitchen cupboards and seek out those favourite, family bonnag recipes, in readiness for the Annual

Highlighting Celtic Influences in Literature at Manx LitFest

Sara Crowe One of the highlights of the most recent Manx LitFest took place at the House of Manannan in Peel, where a panel of experts gathered to discuss the Celtic influence in literature before a packed audience at the