If you’ve been to the Isle of Man you’ve probably been to Cregneash; if you’ve watched “Waking Ned Devine” you’ve definitely seen it. Well, this year is its 70th year of being open to the public. It’s one of the Island’s most famous tourist attractions and a great tribute to the authorities who decided to protect it and the rest of the village. (People still lived there when I was a kid!)

Check out the latest from the Ronaldsway Airport excavations. The airport is extending its runway but before they put down the blacktop, archaeologists are uncovering all sorts of interesting things about our Manx past. Ronaldsway has already thrown up Viking artifacts (well its name is Norse) and now we’re getting information about the Bronze Age. Check out this great article at the IOM Newspapers site.



I found this fabulous link to a description — and refutation — of the Castletown Witches Mill story. Beware: there is shocking news about the Fairy Bridge, too.

The Isle of Man is still medal-less at the the Olympics. Four-time Tour de France winner Cavendish and his partner, two gold medal winner, Bradley Wiggins finished eighth with the Gold going to Argentina.

Silver went to Spain and Russia took bronze. Nice try, Cav. Better luck next time.

http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=21453162077 is the NAMA Youth Group site on Facebook – please ask under-21s that you know to go there and talk to other Manx connected youth and also to think about the 2010 NAMA Youth Award.

The NAMA Youth Award is a piece of special Manx black limestone carved with the three legs of Man emblem. It is awarded every two years (even numbered) by the Isle of Man Department of Education to a student or group of students in the US or Canada, 18 or younger, who makes a contribution to maintaining an awareness of the Isle of Man and its culture here in North America. (NAMA gives an award in the IOM for Manx kids.)

And if the rock’s not enough, the North American Manx Association has just decided to award $200 to the 2010 winner(s) as well as free lifetime membership to NAMA.

The winner must demonstrate an interest in Manx culture or history by sharing their knowledge through essay, art, multimedia, performance art, etc.

Nominations will be accepted via the internet or by snail mail. Each nomination must be in the form of a short description of the nominee’s work that explains how this relates to the Isle of Man. Photos or video of the original work should accompany the nomination (soft or hard copies) . Nominees must provide contact details for themselves and one reference that may be used by the judges to discuss the work and its authenticity. All initial contacts should go to kelly@mustgoto.com who will pass them to the Youth Award team.

Congratulations to Becky Billman of Minnetonka, MN who won the 2008 Award with this traveling exhibition about Tynwald.


Manxman Mark Cavendish will be in the Madison race on August 19th.
Eighteen teams of two riders race around a banked, wooden track for an hour of handoffs, sprints and bumps.
You are not allowed to knock your rivals off the track but in the Madison you can expect to see a lot of elbowing and shoulder barges as the riders fight to get in the best position.
The event is named after Madison Square Garden in New York where cycling around an indoor track was made popular at the end of the 19th Century.

If you look at the photo, try and follow these rules:
RACING LINES: The black line on the inner part of the track marks the shortest distance around the velodrome. Above the blue ‘stayer’s line’ is where Madison riders will be when not actively in the race. Here, Peter Kennaugh is seen dropping down below the blue line to be thrown into the race by Mark Cavendish. The two are pictured on their way to victory in the 2008 British Madison championship at the Manchester Velodrome, UK.

Full story and credits to: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/Cav39s-Olympic-bid-what-is.4382692.jp

… and the pound is finally falling against the dollar.

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The Daily Telegraph has a story on Mark Cavendish – just click on the link below.


There are posters available to download from this site/ Show your pride!!