Manx Society
The first meeting of the Vancouver Manx Society was held in the home of
Mr. Cain, on Hamilton Street in Vancouver on December 3rd, 1908.

The objects of the Society, as stated at this first meeting, included
cultivating and maintaining friendly relations amongst natives of the
Island and raising funds to provide temporary aid to those who because of
sickness or other misfortune may have needed such help and also to “foster
the continuance of a Manx national spirit amongst natives of the Island
and their descendents.”

Over the years, our Society has helped to settle many people from our
small island into their “new world.” The old Manx accent and turn of
phrase are rarely heard amongst today’s membership – many are third or
even fourth generation Canadian. However, we still sing our Manx songs at
gatherings and interact frequently with the world’s other very active and
far-flung Manx societies. Since the time of Vikings (they landed in Mann
in the ninth century) the Tynwald, (the Island’s governing body) has met
in the open air on old midsummer’s day – July 5th. Across an ocean and a
continent, we too mark this special day.

Vancouver Manx Contacts
2013-2014 Executive & Committee

From left to right front row – Lesley McGee, Karmen McGee, Sharon Gresham,
Samantha Deakin, Miriam Needham
From left to right back row – Michael Weber, Kevin Gillon, Amanda Gresham,
Robert Cannell

President; Lesley McGee


Vice- President; Michael Weber


Secretary; Karmen McGee


Treasurer: Kevin Gillon


Past President; Fenella Deakin