Greater Washington D.C. Area

Greater Washington D.C. Area Manx Society

Failt erriu! Welcome! Live in the mid-Atlantic region? Have Manx birth or heritage? Just curious or want to learn about our tiny country’s rich Celtic and Viking history; traditions and culture; or art, music, and dancing? You’ve come to the right place!

What’s new for GWAMS?

Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page for details of upcoming events.

Contact the Greater Washington D.C. Area Manx Society’s Cultural Secretary Bill Cassidy at or Social Secretary Kearsley Rand at for more information on our activities.  All other enquiries to Kelly McCarthy at

We recently voted to discontinue charging dues and to have more “pop-up” events that appeal to smaller groups of members. If you are organizing a Celtic event, or beer still, a Manx one, please contact us.