Died peacefully at Humber River Regional Hospital on Friday, September 24, 2010 after a long life of 90 years. Annie Dorothy Kinrade, BA Ed. of University of Toronto FEWATO, sole survivor, only sister of Laura Winifred Kinrade, daughter of Thomas Harold (Tom) (1950), and Mary Ann (Annie) (1978); granddaughter of William (1933) and Catherine (1929) Jane, Daniel Edwin (1935) and Eleanor Margaret (1912) Radcliff, all of the Isle of Man, British Isles.  Funeral details here.

Life: September 28, 1920, in Toronto 1931: Age 11 – Canadian Champion of Religious Knowledge, (Gold Medal) 1938: Age 17 – York Memorial Collegiate, 5 Year Graduation, (Gold Medal) 1939: Age 18 – Began Teaching Career, Glen Huron Ontario 1940: Age 19 – Began Teaching in York Township with same School Board, 41 years, Retired 1983 1942 to 1963: Studied at U of T and College of Art for Supervisor Art, BA 1950, M.Ed 1956, EEd (Honours) 1963 1983: Joined RTO and RWTO

During life visited: Isle of Man 6 times USA: San Diego, Florida, Virgina, Boston, Canada: Vancouver to Halifax Member of: North American Manx Association, Retired Teachers of Ontario Retired Woman of Ontario Rendezvous Toronto.

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