Sailing for the Disabled

Dear Kelly,
Over the last few weeks I’ve been attempting to contact the Manx Association Secretary by e-mail to discuss with her what Sailing for the Disabled’ wishes to foster good relations with Manx Societies around the world. Please see attached, the e-mail letter being sent to all societies with an e-mail address.

We will be publishing our regular newsletter in a short while and I will e-mail a copy to the same list of societies. Based on response and your advice we may then consider what hospitality we can extend to members visiting I.O.M., and if anyone is disabled how we may offer to them the sailing experiences we provide to our own disabled members.Do visit our web-site for further information. I do hope this action continues to foster the good relations you’ve constructed and nurtured over the years amongst your members.

Yours truly,

Martin Sewell
Funraiser and P.R.Officer
Sailing for the Disabled
I.O.M. Charity no 325

Martin Sewell, Consultant and Coach.
Causing individuals and teams to do things differently and better!

5 Grove Mount Ramsey I.O.M. IM8 3HQ
TEL 44(0)1624 813708 and 44(0)7624 491785
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Letter from Martin:

We have a shared interest in a place in common and help all forms of disabled I.O.M. folk to experience the release and enablement of sailing around our glorious coast and in the Irish Sea. When I realised there are over 40 locations worldwide in which an active interest in I.O.M. matters is maintained, I thought we should extend our own horizons and embrace each Manx Society in the World, and, at very least provide you with periodic updates of our exploits, and at best enable any of your members enjoy a similar sailing experience whenever a ‘homecoming’ presents the opportunity! We are an entirely volunteer driven Manx based Charity with a big heart and a professional soul, providing a yacht, skippers and crew to enable disabled folk to experience sailing usually with a smile that’s priceless! This year we’re able to extend our horizons to include a number of longer cruises to Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, not only to keep smiles on more faces but also to provide respite for loved ones, carers, relatives and friends. It seems perfectly natural to extend our communication network even further and keep you informed of what we do. Who knows, your members may like to fund raise for us and share in the ‘smiles’, visit us and see the smiles first-hand, or even have a smile yourself as a result of sailing with us! Whenever and however the links are forged we’d like to remain ‘in touch’ telling you of yet another activity that is enjoyed by more people each year in I.O.M, and of involving you in our activities; inputs in the form of funding, and outputs in the form of fulfilling dreams for the disabled of the I.O.M. I’d be delighted to respond to your e-mail in this , our 25th year, providing you with more information about us, initially by e-mail, but ,who knows possibly in person when you’re next in the I.O.M. !
Yours truly,
Martin Sewell

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