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Greater Washington Area Manx Society

Failt erriu! Welcome! Live in the mid-Atlantic region? Have Manx birth or heritage? Just curious or want to learn about our tiny country’s rich Celtic and Viking history; traditions and culture; or art, music, and dancing? You’ve come to the right place!

What’s new for GWAMS?

We are catching our breath after hosting the North American Manx Association biennial convention in Annapolis, MD in June 2016.  However, did attend a Celtic festival in Richmond in October where we met this Stormtrooper!


Christmas Pantomime, Friday December 2nd at 8 pm in Kensington, MD
Originally formed as the British Embassy Players, the British Players have performed regularly for 40 years at the British Embassy in Washington and now perform in Kensington, MD.  They do a pantomime each year. Traditionally performed at Christmas, with family audiences, British pantomime is now a popular form of theatre, incorporating song, dance, buffoonery, slapstick, in-jokes, audience participation, and mild innuendo. There are a number of traditional story lines, and also a fairly well-defined set of performance conventions. The opening night of this year’s Pantomime is Friday, December 2 at 8pm. Let us know if you are interested by November 15th, as we can get a group rate for tickets. It is a great event to bring children. If you would like to know more about the Pantomime their website is
WAMS 12th Night Dinner, Saturday, January 7th, 1006 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA, Time: 2-5pm
We thought we would switch up the 12th Night Dinner a bit this year.  Kelly and Bill McCarthy have offered their historic place of business in Old Town Alexandria. The Twelfth Night Dinner is a great time to interact with other Manxies as we share a meal and fellowship.  
Please try to come as we have some new members and we want to show them what a terrific group we are! We will provide a Shepherd’s Pie and ask that attendees bring a side dish, dessert or wine. As we won’t be in a church we will lift the ban on adult beverages. We will have our silly Laxey gift swap again, so please bring a wrapped gift. The gifts should be inexpensive and can be funny, nice, Manx, a re-gift from Christmas, anything.   Cost $10 per person. 
Other Activities – give us your input!
If you have any other ideas for activities please let us know.  Bill Cassidy, our social director, is looking into another Viking Longboat event. The Isle of Man is a very special place and there are only so many of us lucky enough to share its wonderful heritage. I would like to see us enjoying each other’s company at a variety of events. 
Let me know what you would like from our club.
How about Afternoon Tea in Annapolis?  Do you want to learn more about the history and traditions of the Isle of Man? Do you want to learn the language? Do you want to meet together for a pub night or an afternoon tea?  Will you help with a booth at a Celtic Fair? (We just attended the Central Virginia Celtic Fair in Richmond and some help would have been great!) Do you want to enjoy the company of people with a similar heritage?  Do you want to row a longboat or see a movie filmed in the Isle of Man?  Do you have some fun ideas of your own? Do you have ideas to bring in new members?  

How to Contact Us

Kearsley Walsh (President)

Kelly McCarthy (Secretary & Newsletter Editor)
1751 Olde Towne Road
Alexandria, VA 22307
(703) 718-0172

Bill Cassidy, Social Director,

Cris Doria Warner (Treasurer)
16116 Jerald Rd
Laurel MD 20707-2641
(301) 317-7759

Jim Kneale (Webmaster)