Presenters (left to right) Philippe Cousteau, Lucy Blue, Tooni Mahto,
Paul Rose make up the Oceans dive team.

A TV series which sets out to ‘reveal the hidden stories of the deep’ has been filming around the Manx coast. A seven man film crew from BBC Oceans worked with Jackie and Graham Hall from the Manx Basking Shark Watch. The eager shark spotters were treated to a close encounter with two small sharks off the coast of Glen Maye.

Graham Hall said: “They were extremely well informed about the sharks and we got the chance to tell them about the work we are doing in the Isle of Man. They seem to be doing some extensive research on the creatures and they are making a programme on the seas of the British Isles.
It was a very positive trip and we got closer to the basking sharks than ever before.”

In the past the BBC Oceans team have ventured into some of the planet’s most challenging environments and with the help of scientists and dive teams, they descended beneath frozen Arctic ice-sheets, dived into mysterious black holes in the Bahamas and plunged into the dark water with the fearsome Humboldt squid.

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