From Brad Prendergast, Chicago Manx and Past President of NAMA: This photo of the Chicago Manx was taken at the recent 14th Annual Celtic Fest sponsored by the City of Chicago. We had an nice turn out, met lots of people interested in the Isle of Man, and a couple that we hope to be able to turn into members. The photo is of my mom, Florence Abbinanti and one of our newest members, Margie Martinson. Both will be at the Convention in Denver. We had a good turn out for the Celtic Festival. My Mom, John Prendergast, Margie, John Wier, Margie’s uncle Don, and Tim Prendergast all showed up to work out booth. The Celtic Fest was moved into Millennium Park, so it was pretty easily accessible, and we got to hear lots of good music and see lots of good dancing. We are looking forward to next year, as it is a pretty good source of potential members.