In the land of a thousands TV channels this might not seem such a big deal but there is a debate raging in the IOM: Border or Granada.? The UK’s independent (i.e. advertising funded) stations have consolidated and the Border channel that carried Manx news has been absorbed into the North East region’s Tyne Tees station. Granada is a powerful North-West station which always used to have much better programming. But the big deal is the News. Will the East-Coasters give a hoot about an island hundreds of miles away in the middle of the Irish Sea? Will big, busy Granada (HELL’S KITCHEN, NANNY 911 and RAMSAY’S KITCHEN NIGHTMARES ) care about our footling announcements from Tynwald? In my experience the difference between them is that on Border you got sheep prices and announcements about coffee mornings in church halls in Dumfries (yawn), and on Granada you got the latest Manchester drugland death toll (eek). Manxies have until November 21 to make the call to the IOM’s Communications Commission.