1st Onchan Brownies — are they the oldest pack on the Island?

As a Girl Scout leader and former Girl Guide leader I couldn’t resist this. Does anyone out there know?

THE founders of 1st Onchan Brownies are being sought as the unit celebrates its 60th anniversary. 1st Onchan is thought to be the oldest continuous unit in the Island and as it celebrates its anniversary Brown Owl Louise Furniss has been looking into its history.

‘I found that there was one family that started 1st Onchan, the Caines who lived in Onchan. I believe that there were four sisters who started it and it looks like they ran 1st Onchan for 20 years, although some of the records are missing,’ she said.
The unit has already discovered that at one point there were 28 members of 1st Onchan Brownies and neighbours were roped in to help with the running before 2nd Onchan Brownies was formed.
But they have not been able to trace the founders. Anyone with information about the founders of 1st Onchan Brownies is asked to email or call reporter Rachael Bruce on 695636.