2011 Celtic Society of Southern Maryland Celtic Festival

Greetings all:

As is usual for this time of year, we find ourselves with our annual Celtic Festival on the horizon:  the 2011 Celtic Festival is scheduled for April 30th.  If you know of any other Celtic-related organizations that might want to in participate this year, we’d be happy to hear from them. The same goes for past participants who may have missed hearing from us (letters and e-mails have been known to vanish into thin air; you know how it goes).

Our layout for the clans and organizations should be similar to last year’s, but may undergo some changes based on the number of clans and organizations that attend, so be prepared for some possible (but mild) differences; our hope is always to, at the same time, identify the spots that didn’t work as well as we planned and make adjustments. This year the spaces should remain the same size as they were in 2010.

If you will be having two persons in charge of your tent, please make sure that the second person also signs the clan/organization form, as this directly affects the Celtic Cup award. Additionally, please make sure to have your representatives sign the clan applications, as they double as our “hold harmless” forms. Also, if you have interest in purchasing advance tickets, this must be done through the CSSM website; if you have any questions about this, please contact me directly. As always, the rental of a space includes two tickets and one parking pass.

This year, please return your signed application to me by April 1. After that, I cannot guarantee you rental of a tent, table, or chairs.

As usual, we are looking for sponsors for groups to underwrite trophies and awards in the various competitions; we seek sponsors for trophies, for the dancing, clans, piping and band competitions. We have sponsors for the Celtic Cup and living history awards, and we hope others will follow their example in becoming regular event sponsors. Information on the trophies is on the application sheet.

If you have any connections to living history groups, please feel free to mention us to them. We provide a small token stipend as a “thank you;” and don’t forget the 4:00 battle.

I am attaching a copy of this letter and the clan application; we will send you an electronic copy of the flyer and the program advertisement application will be sent to you as soon as it’s been completed. As always, you can contact me at this e-mail address (

Please note my address and my telephone number (below). I do not have a work number as I write this, so if any organization needs to contact someone during the day, they may call Greg Davis (the Davis with the beard) at his office at 202-312-9617. He does check the audix answering machine there if you do need to leave a message. And should you think something is amiss (haven’t heard from me, etc.), please e-mail or call me as soon as you can.


Geoffrey Davis, Clans Steward —
6411 Old Solomons Island Road
Tracys Landing, MD  20779
h: 301.855.5045

PS: As always, if there are any clans or organizations who you believe are not receiving this e-mail, but who would like to attend (or at least have the option), please feel free to forward this missive along, or to give me a valid e-mail address (or street address) to send the letter and application out to.