Isle of Man from the Air – Drone documentary

A teaser from Duke Video.

COMING 2018 – THE ISLE OF MAN FROM THE AIR One of our most popular films for many years, and highly acclaimed, the original IOM From The Air set a new standard for quality and depth of interest in aerial documentaries when we made it in 1999. Now we have a fleet of high tech drones and 4K cameras to make a new film that will take the viewer to places never seen before and add an entirely new and fascinating perspective to our knowledge of the ‘Jewel of the Irish Sea’. Shot in high definition 4k quality and filmed over a 12 month period, our team have captured a host of the Isle of Man’s most intriguing locations via a drone. From the rugged, sea beaten cliffs of the south to the wide and rich north there’s so much of the Isle of Man that is seen best from above. We’ll take you on a journey to the heart of the island for Tynwald Day, the south and the famous Stevenson lighthouses, Groudle Glen and the pretty Victorian miniature railway and many more wonderful locations! ‘Isle of Man from the Air’ is available to pre-order soon on Blu Ray, Download and DVD at