49th LORIENT INTERCELTIC FESTIVAL Year of Galicia 2-11 August 2019

Galicia will be the nation guest of honour this summer at the Lorient Interceltic Festival (LIF)
For 10 days and 10 nights, Lorient will become the Interceltic Capital, where thousands of artists and festival-goers from around the world come together every year to share these common roots!
750,000 festival-goers
200 shows
4,500 artists
12 stages
1,600 volunteers
9 Celtic nations

Lorient Interceltic Festival, is a music festival dedicated to the encounter of Celtic cultures from all over the world, this summer in Brittany.

Each year, musicians and dancers are invited to perform and let the festival-goers discover their traditional music, always mixed with contemporary influences. This year the guest of honour of Lorient Interceltic Festival is Galicia, located in the north-west corner of the Iberian Peninsula.

Some key information:

* one of the largest festival in Europe (+750.000 festival-goers, 12 stages, 200 shows and more than 4.500 artists)

* famous Galicians artists performing, including Mercedes Peón, Banda de Gaita de Forcarei, Carlos Núñez and many more

* Goran Bregović, Peatbog Fearies, Martin Hayes Quartet and many other international artists

* 10 Celtic countries with their own artists and stages (Galicia guest of honour, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Wales, the Isle of Man, Australia, Canada, Asturias, Brittany)

Moreover, Brittany and its Morbihan Gulf, are one of the first tourist destinations in France with its wild beaches, its amazing history and its gastronomy. The festival could be a great opportunity to discover more of this wonderful region and its famous traditions.