A Brief History of the Isle of Man

Given the job of producing a brief history of the Isle of Man would be a daunting task for any writer, who then has the unenviable task of deciding what to retain, and more importantly what to leave out.
But Sara Goodwins has masterfully taken a huge amount of historical detail and presented the results very successfully in this publication which promotes interest and curiosity and injects enthusiasm into its colourful pages. Written in a refreshingly open and friendly style, Sara’s well-presented book is not without humour as she enlivens each page with her personal approach to the subject.
Conveniently sectioned into nine chapters, it’s obvious that Sara has done her homework and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Island’s past, offering her own considered view of the Isle of Man, but not without sensitivity for its people.
Illustrated with some beautiful colour photography, the Island is well served by this book which also carries Appendices about Rulers, Bishops and the Tynwald ceremony.
But this book covers much more than thatched cottages and Viking raiders, detailing the geological forces behind the Island’s formation, pondering over selected myths and mysteries (referred to here as an ‘alternative history’) and cogitating over events from our recent past.
Widely available throughout the Island priced £9.95.
Valerie Caine
© January 2013
(Courtesy of Manx Tails)