A letter from Dian at the Woollen Mills

You know I have talked about John at the Laxey Mills before, well this is from a letter from Dian, his sister, and I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing it with you:

The shop is adorable actually, and Jackie, the lady who runs it, is lovely too and making a nice job of it. Its turning in to an Aladdin’s cave though, and so it is already too small! You must come visit us in the mill next trip. We’ve gotten the artist studio and silversmith studio almost finished, the exhibition hall (was first floor where cloth kept) is now all done and looks great. Next, is the mill ground floor itself. It is going to be done in the next month, with the shop area moved to the exhibition hall to keep things ticking along. Two out of three of the roofs have been replaced (like for like) and that leaves just one to be done – the biggest. Then, with lots of luck and deep-held breath, we wait for planning permission to build an extension to make the two-floor building as it used to be (where the wheel house originally was, and now is the old boiler room) to build a MostlyManx tea room! Its all great stuff and John is loving it. Yesterday was Laxey Day for the TT. Laxey was grid-lock with traffic and the mill was mobbed with bikers. Haven’t seen it so busy since I was a child. It was exciting and fun had by all. The sun was shining too, which always helps!

All’s well though, both at the mill and in Laxey. We are having a book written by-the-way. Do you know Sue King? She’s the lady we’ve retained to do the research and actual writing. She’s been at it now for something like 8 months. The book is about the mill, the people who have owned it in the past and worked there. It also stretches out to the village folk, and spans 150 years! Will keep you informed on that one. She’s expecting to release it next spring.