A Manx volunteer through two World Wars

An epic poem created by Bridget Carter and read onto CD by the Honourable Noel Cringle OBE, based on true events and telling the story of a 14 year old boy who had lied about his age to enable him to fight for his country in WW1.  He later went on to fight a 2nd time in WW2 with his sons.
This CD is a collectors item which includes a complimentary booklet with the full story and has proved very useful in assisting people with hearing impairments.
 To find out more there will be a launch at the Strand shopping Centre  on Sunday 11thNovember 2012, further information on this exciting event is coming soon and can be found on the Strand Shopping Centre Website –
To pre order a copy of this CD please contact:
They are priced at just £10.00 per copy and will make a lovely present for someone this Christmas or any occasion.
 Further copies can be obtained from the Manx Aviation & Military Museum of the Manx Regiment @ Ronaldsway Airport to which 20 percent of the proceeds from this CD will go.