Abu Dhabi Yacht Show and the IOM Super Yacht Registry

Abu Dhabi is obviously the place to be. Not just me, but the IOM Shipping Register representatives, including The Hon David Cretney, MHK, Minister for Trade and Industry at the invitation-only Abu Dhabi Yacht Show.

The Isle of Man Ship Registry will be the only flag to exhibit at this week’s inaugural Abu Dhabi Yacht Show. The invitation-only event, which is being held now, is aimed at the world’s highest net-worth individuals. The event represents a perfect showcase for the Manx flag, which already boasts 100 of the world’s 500 most prestigious super yachts within its 1,000-strong fleet. The Island has developed its reputation for high quality service, strong safety standards and fair fees largely through word of mouth recommendation to date, but shows of this calibre provide an opportunity to reach a wider audience. [One of the guys in the office here got an invitation to the official cocktail party tomorrow — everyone was jealous — it is THE place to be.]
A representative of the Isle of Man ’s fast-growing Aircraft Registry will also be in attendance in recognition of the fact that the owners of super yachts can normally be expected to have their own private or corporate jet.
Despite the current economic climate, the super yacht industry is showing little signs of slowing down and the exclusive event will feature some of the world’s outstanding yachts ranging in size from 30 metres to 100 metres. It will also represent the largest gathering of super yachts ever seen in the region. I saw some — they are AWESOME!

Did you know that the IoM is the only country allowed to have its symbol on the Red Ensign? The British Red Ensign is the flag that is normally flown on Manx yachts. However, registered owners resident in the Isle of Man may, if they wish, fly on their British yachts the Red Ensign incorporating the “Three Legs of Man”.

No blog tomorrow as I’m off home. CYA.