Anyone know the Tippers?

We received a letter — can anyone help?


I am the former editor of the Isle of Man Examiner, Isle of Man Times, the Manx Star, Manx Life and sundry other Manx publications.

I am researching the history of the Island’s media and Manx influence on the media elsewhere and it is the latter aspect of my research that has led me to the names of Lillian and Frank Tipper (both snr and jnr).

I believe Lillian Tipper was prominent in the Los Angeles Manx Society in the early 20th Century and probably an official in NAMA.

This is why I am writing to you. My hope is that you can point me to someone who has access to NAMA records that will help me identity the right Tippers.

My interest is primarily the two Frank Tippers (father and son) who were prominent animators in Hollywood. Lillian Tipper was either the wife of Frank Tipper Snr or was related to him in some other way. My educated guess is that her maiden name was Marrion and that she originated, like Frank Tipper Snr, from Douglas, Isle of Man.

My hope is that NAMA may have published an obituary about Lillian or even Frank Tipper Snr.

Do not concern yourself if you cannot help me. My query is simply a long shot.

Meanwhile, thank you for your time,

Regards, Robert Kelly, Onchan, Isle of Man (not your Association President Robert Kelly!)