Are the last two days’ headlines linked???

Detox unit not needed
A REVIEW had concluded there are no clinical grounds for opening the £1.06 million drug rehabilitation unit for in-patients as originally planned.
In the House of Keys, Social Care Minister Martyn Quayle MHK defended the decision not to open an eight-bed in-patient facility at the unit, which would cost £500,000 a year to run, insisting there was now a better solution.
But Peter Karran (Lib Vannin, Onchan) asked the minister to justify the ‘massive’ change in policy.
Tynwald approved funding of £1.14 million in December 2005 for a rehabilitation and detox unit for patients with drug and alcohol dependency problems. But the unit never fully opened, with no funding being found to staff a round-the-clock in-patient facility. IOMToday