Arraneyn – Manx Gaelic Traditional Song

Originally recorded on vinyl in Peel during 1973, this collection of unaccompanied Manx ballads under the title of ‘Arraneyn Beeal-arrish Vannin’ has now been re-issued on CD by the Manx Heritage Foundation.
Recordings of Manx traditional music are in short supply, so this will be viewed by many as a valuable insight into the early stages of the Manx music revival.
‘Arraneyn’ includes a cross section of songs, using original Manx versions of many well-known examples taken from the Manx National Song Book, and others that dwell on more unusual aspects of Island life, such as dead hens and witches in corsets!
Recorded by Manx speaker Brian Stowell, his clear and distinctive voice provides an opportunity to hear the Island’s native tongue at its best, with his energetic delivery and clarity of voice ideal for anyone wishing to learn Manx songs.
An evocative presentation, Brian’s recordings have already captured the attention of BBC broadcaster and award-winning Scottish Gaelic singer and harpist Mary Ann Kennedy, who selected ‘Arrane Sooree’ (The Courting Song) to represent the Isle of Man on the triple CD set ‘Beginners Guide to Celtic’.
Full lyrics, translations and extensive notes from the original recording have been retained on the disc as a PDF file for listeners who would like to know more about the songs.
‘Arrane’ is available from all good bookshops and at Manx National Heritage sites across the Island priced at £12.
Valerie Caine
© January 2013
(Courtesy of Manx Life)