Art meets Celtic flair — down under

A parade of flags from seven Celtic nations – Brittany, Galicia, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man – led by the SA Pipes and Drums will open this year’s Celtica Festival, held in conjunction with the Art at the Hart event this weekend in Port Adelaide.

Artistic director Suzanne Laslett said the festival would feature some of Australia’s finest Celtic musicians, including Ced Le Meledo and Bric-a-Brac – representing the French Celts from Brittany – as well as Braemar with Edinburgh fiddler, Colin Macleod.
“It’s really celebrating all the Celtic cultures, not just the British Isles, but of Europe as well,” she said.“It covers not only music but languages, the food, art and craft, the whole works – the Celts were very creative people.”
Other performers will include Saoirse, Ricketty Bridge, David Hyams and the Miles to Go Trio, Gartloney Rats, Creole Cowboyz and Celtic dance group An Ghillie Mor.
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