At Mary Kelly’s request

Manx ringtones, podcasts and screensavers for your cellphones (or mobile phones as they are called over there) are available from the Manx Telecom website, including the MNA in orchestral, choral or rock version; Manx lessons and a selection of cool carvels from Caarjyn Cooidjagh including Bee dty Host, my Lhiannoo Veen or The Lullaby of the Virgin Mary which I only mention because H. P. Kelly wrote the Manx words to this beautiful tune. Who is H. P. Kelly? I hear you ask. Well, he was a great custodian of all things Manx and High Baliff of the IoM until his untimely death from TB in 1938 — but more important to me is the fact that he was my father’s father. He is also responsible for us being able to fly the Manx flag instead of the Union flag through the great pressure he applied to the British Home Office at a time when they were very jingoistic.

UPDATE: We can’t get the ringtone for the MNA — does anyone know how?