Back Door Slam split up

Sad news for fans. Back Door Slam has split up. The band, which featured Davy Knowles on guitar, drummer Ross Doyle and bass guitarist Adam Jones, said: ‘After much thought and soul searching, we have reached the painful decision that we should part ways at this time.

‘The decision was the hardest of our lives, but it’s one we believe had to be made in order for each of us to move forward creatively and musically.

‘We will each continue with our own musical projects and hope to fulfill our own musical ambitions; Davy will be working on a follow up to the the first Back Door Slam album Roll Away, and will be touring the US to support and promote the record, and Ross and Adam will be embarking on new projects of their own in the UK and Europe, so please keep checking for news about each member of the band, and upcoming album releases.