Barrule Head for the Top with New CD

Taking their name from the legendary home of the Island’s mythological God Manannan, powerful new trio ‘Barrule’ is introducing the nuances of Manx traditional music to a wider audience through their first eponymous album, with a formidable performance which would even shake the mighty Manannan from his reverie.
An all-male line-up, each musician represents a link to the contemporary traditional music scene, bringing with them an extensive resource of experience in the music industry, but with a style that is undoubtedly their own.
Hosting a mix of traditional and newly composed songs and tunes, ‘Barrule’  is comprised of Jamie Smith of Welsh super group Jamie Smith’s Mabon (married to Manx musician and dancer Gráinne Joughin) with local boys Tom Callister (The Reeling Stones) and Adam Rhodes  (King Chiaullee/Jamie Smith’s Mabon) enriching this evocative recording with youthful exuberance and a refreshing sensitivity.
The inspirational arrangements bring renewed vigour to some of the older songs and tunes with the help of an array of other singers and musicians including Greg Joughin (The Mollag Band), David Kilgallon (King Chiaullee) and Malcolm Stitt (Deaf Shepherd/Boys of the Lough).
Their evolutionary approach has already captured the imagination of a Manx audience and the hearts and souls of many new fans, as ‘Barrule’ sets out to revolutionise people’s perceptions of Manx traditional music without actually altering the basic concept.
Backed by the Manx Heritage Foundation the CD ‘Barrule’ is available through the band’s website priced £12.99.
Valerie Caine
© February 2013
(Courtesy of Manx Life)