Beckii Cruel rules: Isle of Man teenager Rebecca Flint set to top Japanese charts

Frankly, I find this all a bit weird but you can make up your own mind about it.

A teenager from the Isle of Man is all set to top the charts in Japan with her debut album after becoming an internet sensation in the country.

Clips showing schoolgirl Rebecca Flint, 14, dancing to Japanese J-Pop style songs in the attic of her home have had over eight million hits on YouTube. The success of Rebecca’s videos have caught the attention of publishing giant Tokuma Japan, who have signed her up along with two other girls.
The trio – known as Beckii Cruel and the Cruel Angels – release their debut album today which is now being tipped to top the Japanese charts. Speaking to the BBC, Rebecca’s father Derek Flint said “Rebecca is well aware of the online dangers, she’s been well advised and has told us when there have been problems. “This is just a bit of fun, dancing to Japanese culture.”