Bob Kelly Update

It’s been a while since we’ve updated everyone on how Uncle Bob is doing.  John and I visited him yesterday at the Rockford Memorial Hospital.  We are pleased that he is scheduled to return to the Wesley Willows Rehab unit tomorrow, after spending 3 weeks at Centegra in McHenry, 1 week at Wesley Willows Rehab, and then 3 more weeks at RMH.  Yesterday was the best we’ve have seen him over the last 7 weeks.  For a week now he has been on a thickened liquid diet and his swallowing and speech is improving.  He is no longer receiving any tube feedings.  This has boosted his strength and is he is hoping he can do his full reps of Physical Therapy after returning to the Rehab unit.
He still has the occasional cough and some lung congestion.  An infection has kept him in isolation while in the hospital and will continue in Rehab.  This means that anyone going in to see him has to wear a gown and gloves.  We hope this isolation is over soon, those gowns get hot!

Thank you all for your continuing prayers.  He still has a lot of therapy to do before being discharged from Rehab.  It is so good to see how far he has come over the last 7 weeks. John & Carol Pilgrim.

If you would like to call Bob – please email me and I’ll send you the room phone number. I don’t want to put it up here.