Brian Stowell gets big award

THE highest accolade Tynwald can bestow upon a member of the public is set to be awarded to Dr Brian Stowell. He will receive the Tynwald Honour on Tynwald Day, July 5, subject to Tynwald members endorsing the recommendation by the Tynwald Honours Committee at next week’s sitting.

Dr Stowell, 73, of Hilary Road, Douglas, will be the fourth recipient of the honour. The first was presented to Norman Sayle in 2007, followed by Isle of Man Newspapers farming correspondent Harvey Briggs and entertainer Ian Qualtrough.

The honour – not made annually but when a worthy recipient is apparent – is presented to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to Manx life, most often outside of their normal employment and not just in the field of politics or government.

They must have shown selfless commitment over a significant period of time to promoting the quality of life in the Island and/or well-being of its population.

The committee’s report states that their decision was ‘based upon his significant contribution to Manx life and language over many years’.

It says: ‘Subsequent to his gaining a doctorate in applied physics and lecturing at the John Moores University in Liverpool, he became the first Manx language officer in the Department of Education.

‘He is considered one of the primary movers behind the revival of the Manx language, having written several Manx courses and published many articles in and about Manx and Celtic matters in general, including publishing a translation of Alice in Wonderland.

‘In 2006 he published the first full-length novel in Manx (Dunveryssyn yn Tooder-Folley – The Vampire Murders).  ‘His contribution to the teaching of Manx is unrivalled and he continues to be active in the revival of the Manx language.


Kiarkyl ny Gaelgey uses his course “Bun-choorse Gaelgagh”  in its classes in Alexandria, Virginia. They’re great!