Cabinet declared. Just two ministers fail to get position

Howard Quayle, chief_ministerThe political memberships of every government department have been announced. The only MHK not to get a position is Chris Robertshaw, member for Douglas East. He had been Minister for Policy and Reform in Allan Bell’s administration but stormed out of the Council of Ministers last year, frustrated at the slow pace of change in government.

Mr Robertshaw said he wanted to concentrate on scrutiny of government. Members of departments get 30 per cent more on their salary. Members of the Treasury get 40 per cent more. Ministers get 50 per cent more.

Cabinet Office: Ministers Howard Quayle and Chris Thomas. Member David Ashford.

Economic Development: Minister Laurence Skelly. Members Daphne Caine, Rob Callister, Tim Crookall, Lawrie Hooper and Martyn Perkins.

Education and Children: Minister Graham Cregeen. Members Geoff Corkish, Ann Corlett and Lawrie Hooper.

Environment, Food and Agriculture: Minister Geoffrey Boot. Members Tim Baker, David Cretney and Martyn Perkins.

Health and Social Care: Minister Kate Beecroft. Members Clare Bettison, Rob Callister, Ann Corlett and Jason Moorhouse.

Home Affairs: Minister Bill Malarkey. Members Alex Allinson, Clare Bettison, Michael Coleman and Juan Turner.

Infrastructure: Minister Ray Harmer. Members David Anderson, Tim Baker, Julie Edge and Jason Moorhouse.

Treasury: Minister Alfred Cannan. Members Bill Henderson, Ralph Peake and Bill Shimmins.

Planning committee chairman: Tim Baker Children’s champion: Daphne Caine.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle MHK announced the appointments, as agreed by the Council of Ministers, today. Proposals for the chairmanships and vice chairmanships of statutory boards, which are subject to approval by Tynwald, will be announced in due course. Mr Quayle said: ‘I am impressed and encouraged by the eagerness of Tynwald members, both old and new, to get on with the job and work together for the good of the island. ‘The departmental memberships combine fresh faces and fresh ideas with experience and continuity.’ MLC Tony Wild, convicted last year of drink driving, has also not been given a role.

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