Greetings from the Isle of Man to all members of the Manx Societies across the world.
 We have now just finished TT Week and soon Tynwald Day will be upon us.  This year the World Manx Association is celebrating its Centenary and this is to take place between 1st and 8th July, with a different event each day.  Further details can be found on our web-site
The purpose of this email is to ask your help in establishing the identity of any of your members who will be Homecomers during this period.  We have already made arrangements for seats on the grandstand at Tynwald Hill for those we know are coming.  
We are keen to welcome all Homecomers at a Reception on 1stJuly and this will take place at Woodlands, the one-time home of   AB Crookall, who founded NAMA and was the originator of the great 1927 Homecoming.  We will be joined on that occasion by members of the Crookall family.
On Friday 8th July we will be saying goodbye to those Homecomers still with us.  The venue is Eyreton, the former home of Harold Cain, son and successor to Richard Cain as President of the WMA.  Here we will be joined by members of the Cain family to share in the celebrations.
We would hate to think that there were Homecomers on the Island at a time when they could join us but weren’t aware of what was taking place.  So if you could “spread the word” we would be most grateful.