Can you help s Janice Humphreys?


My name is Janice Humphreys (nee Moore) and I live in Burnie  in Tasmania. I am of a Manx descent. My great grandfather was John Leece Moore, born in 1843. He left the Isle in the  1870s and went to New Zealand. 

I am  looking for any Manx connections that live in the US. I am also a mature student doing a post grad in Local and Applied Family History through a Australian University, UNE. 

I am currently researching The Manx Convicts that were transported to the American Colonies, mainly Virginia in the late 1700s and are looking for any Manx descendants that have any Manx convicts in there family trees. In the 1800s transportation to America was replaced with transportation to Australia mainly Tasmania were I now live. There are several families here that can be traced back to the Isle.

Hopefully some one can help me with research which is the continuation of Manx man, Hampton Creer’s Research that was carried out over a decade ago. My email is or

Thank you for any help.