Celebrate Laa Boaldyn (Manx May Day)

A celebration of Manx May Day (Laa Boaldyn) will take place at Cregneash on Monday, 6 May 2024.

The event will include a variety of activities for visitors throughout the afternoon, including the opportunity to learn about the folklore and traditions of the Manx May Day through music, dance and storytelling.

Vicky Dale, Event Manager for Laa Boaldyn said:

“Manx May Day celebrations represent a time between the death of winter and the rebirth of summer, which was thought to be a particularly dangerous time in Manx folklore. Midnight on May Day Eve was a time when witches and fairies were considered to be at their most threatening and a series of traditions arose to allay fears and protect the Manx people and their livestock from danger. 

The principal form of protection against mischievous fairies was the crosh cuirn, made from a rowan or mountain ash and placed above the door of the house, the cow shed and even tied to the cows’ tails. That certainly must have been an unusual sight.”

The event will begin at 10am until 4pm and all are welcome. The Village Tearooms will be offering traditional Manx fare including freshly-made bonnag.  Perree Bane will be performing in the village at noon and 2pm. Standard admission charges apply (free entry for children and with Annual Pass, Holiday Pass or Partner Pass).

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