Chicago Manx member wins London Manx Quiz

Brad Prendergast and the source of his Manxness, his mother, Florence.

The popular quiz that features in the quarterly magazine of the London Manx Society for March has been won for the third time running by an overseas reader of Manx descent. After successive wins for Richard Moore of Durban, South Africa, originally from Kirk Michael, it’s the turn of Brad Prendergast of Chicago Manx Society who is also a vice president of the North American Manx Association. His prize is £20 of fuel kindly donated by Mylchreest Car Hire when he rents one of its vehicles next time he is at Ronaldsway. It was a close run thing. He beat one of the regular London winners by getting his answer to the editor one hour ten minutes faster.


The questions

  1. The House of Manannan is to be found in (a) Castletown, (b) Douglas, (c) Peel, (d) Ramsey?
  2. Cashtal yn Ard is a (a) natural rock outcrop (b) Neolithic tomb (c), 9th century fortress, (d) 17th century army training area?
  3. Castle Rushen clock appears on the Manx coin of the denomination (a) 10p, (b) 20p, (c) 50p, (d) £1?
  4. The Orchid Line runs in (a) Ballaugh, (b) Castletown, (c) Douglas Head, (d) Port Soderick?
  5. The missing Mary Weller Yn Cruinnaght award for Solo instrumentalist 11 years and under was found at (a) Andreas Village School, (b) Gaiety Theatre, (c) Manx Museum, (d) Ramsey Town Hall?

The answers: C B B A D

The saga of the missing Yn Cruinnaght award had featured in a 2018 edition of the magazine. We have posted the tale above.