‘Coraa’ (Voicein Manx Gaelic) is an exciting new educational resource produced primarily for the Island’s secondary school choirs by Manx Music Specialist Dr Chloë Woolley, on behalf of the Manx Heritage Foundation, but a limited number of copies are now available for adult choirs and singing groups.
Ten Manx songs have been carefully selected for this unique and innovative package which represents a range of musical genres using both Manx Gaelic and English. Arranged for various choral settings the songs are demonstrated (with spoken pronunciation where necessary) by local choir Caarjyn Cooidjagh on an accompanying CD. Each song carries a useful introduction featuring vocal warm-ups, performance guidance and important background information.
‘Coraa’ contains a cross section of material including Ellan Vannin, Geay Jeh’n Aer, Invocation to St. Bridget, Reaymyn yn Yrjey Vooar, The Mother’s Carol, Yee Reillys Niau, S’Feayr yn Oie, Yn Aavioghey and Graih my Chree. Composers and arrangers include Annie Kissack, Greg Joughin, Nigel Brown, Frank Woolley and George Leah.
If you would like to purchase a copy of ‘Coraa’, available at £20 (including local postage and packing) please contact or telephone 01624 695787. Alternatively cheques made payable to the Manx Heritage Foundation can be sent to the Manx Music Development Team, The Stable Building, The University Centre, Old Castletown Road, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM2 1QB.
Valerie Caine © April 2011 (Courtesy of Manx Tails)