Culture Vannin: Kathleen Faragher’s ‘Owl Neddy’ read by Dollin Kelly

One of the Isle of Man’s greatest poets died 42 years ago today: Kathleen Faragher, you are sorely missed.

We thought that a good way to remember her would be with a smile.
So we’ve just released this reading of one of her great Manx dialect poems by Dollin Kelly RBV:…/kathleen-faraghers-owl-ned…/s-x9o4x

This comes out of a project funded by Culture Vannin, which has been carrying out the first ever serious attempt to collected and tell the story of Faragher’s life and work.
Hours of oral history will be released on the Manx Literature and Culture Vannin websites soon, offering the memories of those who knew her or who had some connection to her.
If anyone has a memory or story about Kathleen Faragher, please get in contact.