David Byrne and Nancy Corkish to Exhibit at The Isle Gallery

David Byrne

 Two of the Island’s finest artists ~ feast your eyes!

David Byrne

Many artists have been drawn by the unusual light and color formation to paint both landscapes and seascapes of the Isle of Man over the centuries, including two of our foremost contemporary artists David Byrne and Nancy Corkish, who will be exhibiting at The Isle Gallery in Tynwald Mills throughout December.

David and Nancy may need to take turns at a single kitchen table to work, but living at Cregneash, with unrivalled views of the Calf of Man and the Sound, it’s hardly surprising that these talented individuals continue to be inspired by their surroundings, with a synergy that would be the envy of many couples. 
Manxman David Byrne began painting in 1956 and has lived on the Isle of Man all his life, working predominantly with watercolours and pastels, regularly exhibiting landscapes and seascapes in local art shows and galleries, and travelling extensively with his wife, as they explore destinations beyond these Island shores with a keen eye for detail and a flurry of expectation. But despite having had work hung in the Royal Institute of Watercolour Painters in London, the Pastel Society and The Royal Cambrian Academy in Wales, David remains concerned, if not pre-occupied, with the Isle of Man and its ‘Manxness’.
Meanwhile, Yorkshire-born Nancy Corkish had her first foray into the Island’s art scene during the 1960s when she attended art adult education classes at the Isle of Man College of Further Education. It’s clear that her tutors, Norman Sayle TH and George Crellin made a huge impact on her artistic life, as she too eventually discovered a preference for using watercolours and pastels. Nancy was to work with Norman Sayle again when she attended evening classes to extend her range and style, but although he was both questioning and challenging, believes that this proved an invaluable grounding for her subsequent career. 

Nancy Corkish
Recognised as a regular exhibitor in the Isle of Man Art Society’s Easter Exhibition, at the Mannin Art Group Summer Show and various galleries, Nancy also branched out into designing stamps for Isle of Man Post Office and gift items for Manx National Heritage.
Without doubt their closeness to nature and the continuously changing light, largely unaffected by the harshness of street lamps and other suburban necessities, allows a never-ending stream of ideas to loosen on their consciousness and give free reign to their combined talent.
Nancy Corkish
But with their latest exhibition at The Isle Gallery there’s a chance to see the beauty of this Island through the eyes of both David and Nancy as we move with synchronicity into the year 2014 which has been appropriately designated Island of Culture.
The exhibition runs from 5th December, 2013 until 5th January, 2014, with opening hours available on the gallery’s website or on their Facebook page.
Valerie Caine © December 2013 
(Courtesy of Manx Life)